Artists verse

What made Edvard Munch scream?

A short verse in the style of EC Bentley to greet the news that Edvard Munch’s famous painting The Scream is due to be auctioned at New York, with an expected price tag of £50million.

Freud overjoyed

A short verse marking the recent spate of interest in the artist Lucien Freud who died last year, with major exhibitions planned and TV documentaries screened which dwelt on the enormous number of children Freud fathered, often with his models as the mother.

Sculpture theft in Dulwich

A short verse lamenting the theft of one of Dame Barbara Hepworth’s masterpieces from Dulwich Park. The police think the thieves will melt down Two Forms.

The Damien Hirst retrospective at the Tate Modern

A short verse noting the different attitudes to the work of artist Damien Hirst, who has been awarded a retrospective exhibition in the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall

The mysterious death of Van Gogh

A short verse about a new theory concerning the death of the great artist van Gogh.


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