About Verse

Verse.org contains short items of verse, sporadically produced when world events demand that they be commemorated in such fashion.

Think of this site as the anti-laureate.

There’s no poetry in the verse here.

It’s all short, pithy – that’s right I did say pithy – and always composed of fewer than 147 characters.

Being so eminently tweetable, Verse.org.uk curtseys to the mores of the present while tipping its cap to masters of the past – most notably Edmund Clerihew Bentley.

Verse’s ambitious plans for the future include winking cheekily at world events while waving a hanky at the everyday.

Further down the line we might polish the shoes of the deserving while dewaxing the ears of the brave but hey – one step at a time, eh?




About this site

Verse.org.uk likes to mark significant moments in public life with a short verse - usually in Clerihew form. We've tightened our poetic belt and cut everything right back to the bare essentials. Every verse on this site takes up fewer than 140 characters, so feel free to tweet them to your friends.

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